Banking finally safe.

In cooperation with hepster, P24 offers you an exclusive and fully comprehensive insurance package. We take you safely from A to B with the P24-hepster car sharing and travel insurance and additionally secure each of your internet purchases that you pay for with your P24 card.

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Your all-round insurance

Carefree online shopping

Each of your online purchases with your P24 card is covered in the event of non-delivery, damage or loss. In addition, you will receive free legal advice by telephone in case of problems with goods paid with the P24 Card.

Car sharing without hidden costs

With the P24-hepster insurance, you don’t have to worry about your self participation in the event of a claim. Get your dream car from all known rental agencies and pay quite simply with the P24 card. You are automatically covered and in the event of a claim you will get your deductible back.

Travel safely again

Whether a short trip to the Alps or a four week round trip through Australia. We secure your trip for up to 31 days and bring you back home safely in case of emergency.




Apple Pay (Coming Soon)

Google Pay (Coming Soon)




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