Contactless. Digital. Mobile.

We take mobility seriously.

With the TOTAL Card, you can save money at over 4,500 petrol stations of the TOTAL, Aral, AVIA and Westfalen brands throughout Germany, as well as at selected independent petrol stations with every tank of petrol.

Experience boundless mobility.

P24 Total Tankkarte

Your exclusive advantages

Clearly structured

Keep track of all transactions and bills on your mobile phone.

Fast and contactless

Pay your fuel bill conveniently from your car and avoid long queues at the checkout.

Low costs

Get instant discounts up to €0.03 per litre without any monthly or annual fee.

Extensive acceptance network

Refuelling at over 4,500 petrol stations of the brands TOTAL, Aral, AVIA and Westfalen.

Your digital fuel card

After ordering your fuel card, you will receive a classic TOTAL Card with which you can pay for your tank fillings and shop purchases. But not only that. Insert your card into the TOTAL Service App and avoid long waiting times at the cash desk.

Benefit with the TOTAL Card from a wide range of services for your unrestricted professional mobility: Use your TOTAL Card in TOTAL’s excellent national and international service station network for cashless payment of fuel, tolls, bridge and tunnel fees. Reduce your administrative workload with the electronic driver’s license check and a wide range of online analysis and optimization tools. The TOTAL Card offers optimum protection through the use of state-of-the-art chip technologies and individual PIN options.

Your savings

At all TOTAL petrol stations in Germany:

Diesel fuel
Discount of 3.00 cents per 1 liter including VAT.

Discount of 2.00 cents per 1 liter including VAT.

Discount of 5.00 cents per 1 liter including VAT.

Discount of 20% on the current petrol station price including VAT.

Automatic car wash
Discount of 20% on the current petrol station price including VAT.

Discounts at all Aral, AVIA and Westfalen petrol stations in Germany

Diesel fuel
Discount of 1,50 Cent per 1 liter including VAT.

More information at: www.totalcards.de 




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